Liberian American Veterans Association

Liberian American Veterans Association

Initial concept for Liberian American Veterans Association Weekend

Theme: In Union Strong, Success is Sure!

To create greater awareness of LAVA on the broader stage
To bring together distinguished members of the LAVA community in a social setting to network
To celebrate the many accomplishments of our members

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Date: Labor weekend May 2010

Activities: Meet & Greet - Friday
Executive meeting, Games, Military ball - Saturday
Farewell church service/barbeque – Sunday

Volunteers are needed to work on various committees to ensure that event is a success. This is going to be our inaugural event so we need to ensure that this weekend represents the values and work ethics that are instilled in all of us. Please step forward and volunteer to either head or join one of these committees

Reception committee:
- establishment of a Tactical Operations Center to coordinate reception of guests, members and their families into the charlotte area
- Allocating of transportation to facilitate easier coordination of activities
- coordinating with businesses including hotels and restaurants in the charlotte area to get veteran discounts to help minimize the costs on members
- producing strips maps for distribution to guests and members for all events to facilitate easier movement
- maintained a ‘alert roster’ to ensure that all members at the event are accounted for
- coordinated meeting times/place for committees’ members

Publicity committee:
- contact local Liberian community leaders for logistical support
- coordinate with local charlotte political leadership for support. i.e. mayor, representative, etc
- contact local news media including print and television to cover LAVA weekend
- formulate a press release for event
- generate t-shirts, flyers and online advertisement to create promotion for the event
- begin researching on getting a professional website to maximize LAVA exposure
- ascertain the possibility of LAVA members performing some type of community service in the Charlotte area during this weekend
- Generate letters to solicite donations from sponsors so as to alleviate the costs of hosting this weekend

Entertainment committee
- coordinating for venue to host Meet & Greet
- coordinate for venue to host Military Ball( hotel ballroom, National Guard armory, conference hall, etc)
- coordinate for venue to host LAVA members for church service on Sunday
- coordinate for US Flags, catering, music, photographer, etc
- establish price for military ball
- coordinate farewell barbeque on Sunday
- coordinate for entertainer to perform at the Ball

Organizing Committee
- Overall responsibility is to ensure that there is synchronization between all the committees
- Maintain regular contact with different committees to ensure plans are on track
- Be prepare to provide assistance to any committee
* Please note that the tasks listed for each committee are only proposed tasks. We understand that things may change as we progress further into our planning. Please be prepared to adapt and overcome. Remember good old Murphy law!

Due out
1. Each committee will set benchmarks to gauge the progress of their planning
2. Each committee will setup a conference call line to facilitate better communication between committee members
3. Each committee will report a initial budget and their proposed plan to the head of the Organizing committee NLT two weeks after formation of the committee
4. The head of each committee will report to the head of the Organizing Committee on a weekly basis to provide update on their progress

It is common knowledge that finance drives everything in the United States so it is imperative that LAVA seek outside sources of funding to help alleviate the costs of hosting this major event. Outside funding will help ensure that costs to our members will be kept at a minimum. Please submit the names of any perspective sponsors to the Publicity committee that you may know so that we can generate letters requesting their assistance to host this event.

Prospective sponsors
Tyson chicken
Charlotte City hall
Western Union
Money gram

Thanks for your continued interest in making this LAVA weekend a reality and we look forward to working together to ensure its success. Hope each and every one of guys and girls have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day weekend!

Any Alibi… send me a email

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Comment by Eric Freeman on November 25, 2009 at 6:54am
Sounds like a winner. I fully agree brother Spencer. Will get with you via email or phone.
Comment by Berenice mulubah on November 25, 2009 at 9:45pm
I"m interested in the publicity committe
Comment by Cyril Clemens on November 29, 2009 at 4:37am
Great plan. Here for whatever you need me to do.
Comment by Philip K. Klah Sr. on March 29, 2010 at 8:28am
Hello Vets,
I just got to know about the Liberian American Veterans Association from a friend of my who is currently serving in Iraq. I retired from the Navy 2008, and is currently living in Creedmoor, North Carolina. Please provide some additional information as to how I can be of help with the upcoming event already scheduled for Memorial day in May 2010. I can be reached at 919-529-2208. Thanks and keep up the good work .


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