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Liberian American Veterans Association

CPT Spencer Biah and SSG Jackson Zinnah represented LAVA this past weekend at the homegoing of Mother Sio- Clarke. She was the foster mother of our comrade SSG Moses Fully. We presented a wreath and spoke at the funeral services expressing our deepest condolences to the family and letting them know about the exemplary character that their son SSG Fully possessed and the sacrifices that all Liberian born US servicemen and women undergo on the daily basis. It was a sad occasion but this occasion presented us a unique opportunity to let the Liberian community in Philadelphia to become aware of our organization. Please send SSG Moses Fully your personal condolences.

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Comment by Emmanuel Towouh on February 27, 2010 at 1:56pm
Ladies and gentlemen,

As you already know, soccer is a major sport in Liberia. IE and Barrolle are the main contenders. However, I founded a soccer team back in 2008 called ASC Christopolis. Now, for those of you who don’t know Liberian history very well, I don’t blame you but know that our capital, Monrovia, was first named Christopolis. An American dude, President James Monroe, stopped by and the capital name was changed from Christopolis to Monrovia (Monroe Via – meaning Monroe passed through).

Trust me, dudes. I love the United States. I am honored to have served in her army but there is no place in the United States named after any of our past leaders. I think we made a gross mistake altering our history for a man who was just passing through. We could have been better of keeping our Christian identity.

Anyhow, like I said, I came up with a soccer team called ACS Christopolis as a way of bringing back our forgotten piece of history that president James Monroe sailed with. The team is now a second division team. Participation in division two was put to halt due to poor management. I received numerous complaints that the players (the kids) were not receiving what I was sending them.

This year, I am looking forward to participating because most of the kids are students who were using what I gave them to register themselves in school. I need your contribution, not by sending in physical cash, but please visit Christopolis online store: and purchased item in support of the kids.

The items on there are:
1. Mouse Pad
2. Key Chain
3. Bumper Sticker, and
4. Magnet for the Fridge door.

Now, let me make one thing clear on here for disclaimer. The kids are not on salary they were playing to have their school fees paid. School fees in Liberia up to high school do not cost that much. I am trying to help these kids through sport and I have got 22 of them.

Please stop by Christopolis online shop center and help these kids. If you choose not to buy, just leave a comment or suggestion so I will know you stopped by. Finally, my goal is to make the American Colonization Society of Christopolis (ACS Christopolis) the primary soccer team of LAVA. I got three sets of uniform I will be sending home. We could print LAVA on those uniforms with some of the proceeds from items you purchased. I am just trying to help those kids, guys, please hop in and help.

Tell me what you think at:


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