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Mr. Gbala:

This communication is in relation to your email to me on April 18th, 2011. I begged to differ here, Mr. Gbala, but first I am declaring that I am not a tribalist and I am not entirely pointing finger at the entire Krahn ethnic group, but those of your inner circle.

Your letter to Obama in defense of George Boley, a criminal and warlord is nothing but a waste of ink and papers. You did not defend George Boley because he's innocent of all the mayhems his LPC killing machines levied upon the Liberian people. But as the failure you are, you defended George Boley because he's of the Krahn ethnic as you and that he (Boley) thinks your voice has some form of substance. He (Boley) will be seriously disappointed.

In the same letter to the president of the United States, Barrack Obama, you tried very hard to present the Krahn ethnic group as the victim of the Liberian civil war. No, Mr. Gbala, wrong moved, you have been checkmate. Your kinsmen were the victimizers of the Liberian from 1983 straight to 1989, and are now playing the victim when the table finally turned. Obama knows better because the U.S. government knows everything the about the Doe’s regime and the role you (Gbala) played in it.

Mr. Gbala, you were at the center of the ethnic/tribalist bigotry, hatred and discrimination that brought mind-boggling plunder, destruction, human suffering and death to our country and its entire people. Your regime threatened to level Nimba to the ground simply because the people of that county took the bore steps to disagree with your regime on policies, the treatments of the Liberian people, and the elevation of your kinsmen to top of the food chain. Elevating your kinsmen when Doe was in charged was the complete replica of why the True Wing Party was ousted in the first place. You were right in the middle of it all. Instead of advising Doe, you chose to do otherwise.

Mr. Gbala, the “ethinc/tribalist bigotry” you mentioned  in your email to me was the hallmark of the all-Krahn-regime where you enjoy an honorable position, ignoring the horrifying tribal witch-hunting started and carried out by people of the Krahn ethnic group. The only exception to this group was Peter Fineboy, the only Krahn man who spoke vehemently against the atrocities carried out by his own kinsmen, the Doe regime; the semi-Nazi regime where you (Gbala) was a major role player. I will frankly say, you were the Martin Bowmann of that regime and a key allied to Samuel K. Doe. You could have advised him better but you are a failure as always.

In December of 2010, sitting in Philadelphia, under the protection of the U.S. Government, (the very protection your regime denied the people of Liberia), you ran your mouth in defense of George Boley - a criminal and warlord. Mr. Gbala, if you record, noone had the freedom of defending his/herself in your regime.  You even had the audacity to called George Boley a hero. Well, Mr. Gbala, if your school of reasoning thinks George Boley is a hero, is it right then to say the rest of the crime syndicates Charles Taylor, Chuckie Taylor, Alhaji Kroma, Prince Johnson, and Benjamin Yateen are all messiahs? I will leave that to you to revisit your thought.

Going back to what you said in your second paragraph. I agree, “It is about time for reasonable, patriotic Liberians to be engaged in the prevailing process of reconciliation, reconstruction, rebuilding, and reunification for individual/collective security of the people and of OUR nation.” Unfortunately, Mr. Gbala, you are not part to this process. Your deeds are too great to reconcile with and the only reconciliation is imprisonment for your part in the atrocities which led to the annihilation of innocent Liberians, your own kinsmen, and destruction of Grand Geddeh County. I am stunned that the people of Grand Geddeh had not indicted you yet.

Mr. Gbala, to be able to reconcile, you must first admit your guilt; the Lutheran Church massacre, hundreds of children forcibly adopted from Nimba County, and the unleashing of death squads in the nation's capital on innocent Liberian when the war was being fought in Nimba. Those are unanswered questions that serve as the base for reconciliation. Those are not wounds that will just vanish by waving the magic wand.

Mr. Gbala, the fact remains; you were a party to and still a party to a bloody semi-Nazi regime – the Doe regime and as such, you are guilty by association. You have no rights to advocate reconciliation with blood on your hands. Leave that to the new breed of true Liberian politicians (all tribes alike) who do not use tribalism as a political platform. Mr. Gbala, you have done your part. Only history will judge you at the back page of the Liberian history book.

I strongly believe within my heart, Samuel K. Doe, our first truly native president could have been a good president had he not been misinformed, blackmailed and led to his death by Krahn elements within his inner circle where you (Gbala) served as the adviser – the Martin Bowmann of the Doe’s regime.

Mr. Gbala, maybe you have a tiny brain and think the Liberian people have forgotten you. The name Bai Gbala, is a big topic for discussion within the Liberian communities, from the East Coast, Texas, and the Midwest. If I were you, I will keep my mouth shut and let George Boley do his time. And I hope he rots in prison for all the mayhems he help created in Liberia. You been warned!

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