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Ill educated, ill trained, and ill equipped

The past Liberian army overthrows its governments. Liberians never had the chance to vote out their officials they are unhappy with.  Instead, the army of the past shoot them out of office with live bullets; all carried out by the Liberian army used by presiding presidents as personal . Liberia needs an army of teachers to e those fools serving as the president's personal body guards. The Liberian army was put into place to protect the nation; not presidents. Get ducated! Soldiers go to…


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Emmanuel Towouh vs. Bai M. Gbala

Mr. Gbala:

This communication is in relation to your email to me on April 18th, 2011. I begged to differ here, Mr. Gbala, but first I am declaring that I am not a tribalist and I am not entirely pointing finger at the entire Krahn ethnic group, but those of your inner circle.

Your letter to Obama in defense of George Boley, a criminal and warlord is nothing but a waste of ink and papers. You did not defend George Boley because he's innocent of all the mayhems his LPC killing…


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