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Liberian American Veterans Association

Hello to my fellow comrades of the LAVA family. This is 2LT Eric Zwana Conteh. I know that several of us have heard of the reconstruction of the AFL (Armed Forces of Liberia). Now, I have had encounters with members of the AFL. I was able to witness the training of a Liberian Soldier (my step sister) who was assigned to FT Lee VA for Logistic Training. Her cadre members spoke highly of her and confirmed that she perfomed the best of all the international soldiers attending the Army Logistic University at FT Lee. She received a coin from the staff for her performance. The sad part of the story is, she was not allow to complete the second phase of the training simply because she was not a NCO. Now, I know that somebody in Liberia knew that in order to complete that course, the soldier must be a NCO(E5). The Army Logistic University and I tried contacting the chain of command of the Liberian Army back home so that they can send a letter that will authorized her stay and completion of the training. Sadly, there was no respond from back home and she had to leave without completing the training. while she was here she was amazed of how organized the American system was and she said that it will take decades before Liberia get close to being as organized. This was said out of anger of the failure of her chain of command. Well, two days ago, I was delighted to find a Liberian Soldier here (FT Gordon GA) undertaking the Basic Officer Leadership Course(BOLC) with me. Now, I will be angry if the same situation occur for this Officer. I am requesting that the LAVA family consider getting in a partnership with the Liberian Government to secure the successful training of these Soldiers. I was told that Liberian Soldiers are send throughout the United States for training. Once LAVA partner with the Liberian Government, LAVA can make sure that its members mentor and encourage the Liberian Soldiers so that they can endure their training and feel at home while doing it. Once we show the Liberian Community here in the US that we are devoted to such cause, I believe that they will support us Financially. We must take the first step and secure the future of Liberia's Security. Each of these Liberian Soldiers are assigned sponsors once they get to the US. LAVA can be their sponsor and we might be supported by the US Government for doing so. HE THAT HAS EARS, LET HIM HEAR. Consider my request. I can be reached at

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