Liberian American Veterans Association

Liberian American Veterans Association


Before we go any further in this committee, I have been appointed as the chairman. Having said that, we have to start working fully to make sure our contribution to this event is completed on time to give all invited dignitaries/guest time to plan and attend the program in Charlott, NC. Here are our responsibilities as a committee. I will like for us to have a conference call on Sunday 06 Mar 2010 @4pm to discuss each person task.


What we have to remember here is that most of the funding will come out of our own pocket. If you have anybody and or organization please let us know so we can write them for help. I will try to personally meet with the embassador in DC sometimes next week.

Also, remember that we are not advertising for the Liberian public to attend this event. We are inviting permenant Liberians who are making the different and running things to include: Liberian organization/association leaders political and pressure groups leaders.


Publicity committee

            contacting local Liberian community leaders for logistical suppor

  • Coordinating with local charlotte political leadership for support. i.e. mayor, representative, etc
  •  Contacting local news media to cover LAVA weekend
  •  Formulate a press release for event
  •  Generate T-shirts, flyers and online advertisement to create promotion for the event
  •  Ascertain the possibility of LAVA members performing some type of community service during this weekend
  •  Generate letters to solicite donations from sponsors so as to alleviate the costs of hosting this weekend


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Very well!
well put jack. i just foward an email send to me by Bro. Eric. it's local liberian organizations that we will like to share our intent with. let me know what you think


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