Liberian American Veterans Association

Liberian American Veterans Association

The Liberian American Veterans Association (LAVA) is a non-profit and non-political organization comprising of past and current United States Servicemembers of Liberian descendants.

LAVA was established in May 2007 to be a networking medium for its members, provide mentorship to junior Servicemembers, and offer guidance to young Liberians in the United States interested in pursuing careers in the U.S. Military.

LAVA is also involved with advocating for issues that affect our greater communities including undertaking initiatives to better the lives of underprivileged Liberians.

LAVA has:

- Provided computers for a computer lab that benefited underprivileged Liberian youth in Liberia, West Africa.

- Organized and participated in career day programs at Cathedral and William V.S. Tubman High Schools, in Liberia, West Africa. - Co-sponsored several Christmas parties for kids in Liberia donating thousands of dollars’ worth of toys and clothes to multiple orphanages.

- Contributed monetary resources to several Liberian organizations in the United States.

- Provided assistance to wounded U.S. Servicemembers of Liberian descent and assisted the families of U.S. Servicemembers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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